Things Will Get Worse Before Getting Better

The world knows Hurricane Sandy devastated NJ.  South Jersey & Shore Points were hit hardest but still many Northern New Jerseyans are still without power 2 weeks after the storm. Staten Island was destroyed, people lost lives, homes and personal items.  I was in Long Beach Island, NJ in August 2011 during the earthquake then 2 days later I was evacuated from the beach due to Hurricane Irene and yet again the days prior to Halloween 2011 we got a nor’easter that took down trees, power lines and shut the power off for days.

If that wasn’t enough, would you believe, it is all happening again almost in the exact same order and exact same storms as last year.  As a matter of fact we just had a 2.0 earthquake a few days ago.  The closest thing I can remember to any of this was while I was in the Marines stationed in Okinawa circa 1980 and we had a typhoon/monsoon for weeks. The devastation was reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy but lasted longer.

I have spoken to some friends in the Southwest and they say that the news is not giving this as much press as Katrina, I am not going to say which storm was or is worse but it is a shame that the rest of the country does not really see how bad it truly is here, still. Maybe these pictures will help you all understand.

I have been very fortunate to be able to help my fellow neighbors with generator power for their sump pumps, and refrigerator’s. My chainsaw and I have been cutting down trees and have witnessed the great American spirit that comes when tragedy strikes. I am glad I was able to help.

For my family, we had generator power for the essentials but no heat, stove or oven to cook. A lot of people had it worse so I am very grateful and fortunate to have not lost anyone close to me.

Now we are confronted again… Here comes yet another nor’easter about to dump snow, rain and 50 mph winds. All of us will hunker down, yet again!

Thank God my business clients that are in the cloud will be able to work as long as they can get to internet and power. We even had clients come to our office, which had power during the Hurricane, to use our desk and conference room to get to their Virtual Desktops.

I am proud to say that 4 years ago my vision of people working in the cloud was one that would benefit not only me but clients, friends and colleagues. It made more of a difference than I could have ever imagined. We have given the small business person a Business Continuity solution and preparedness that they would otherwise never be able to afford.

Here is an email I got from one of them.

So as I head into this next storm, let me say to everyone… Be safe, be smart and hopefully you have prepared your personal and business lives for a future that looks to be a bit bleak up here in the Northeast.



About steveferman

I am the creator and owner of eTegrity systems International, a cloud based Backup and Recovery provider for Msp's and Vars. I am also the President of Compunite Computers, inc. a 22 year old MSP and named top 100 MSp's 3 years running. I am known as the busiest man in backup and also do a lot of speaking for industry publications like IT world and Msp Alliance. I hope I can share some good insights and knowledge from my over 30 years in the industry.
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