MSP Mentor 2012

I have said it many times. I am not much of a bragger but I am very impressed that I was, for the 5th year in a row, awarded top 250 Managed Service Providers (msp’s) Mentor, Entrepenuers and experts in the world.

WOW this is cool!

Top 250 MSP Mentors List

Excerpt from the write up…

“Ferman has once again reinvented himself and his company. A prime example: He has converted 60 percent of existing clients from managed services to virtual hosted cloud servers and desktops. Ferman has also added over 20TB of cloud data protection to his cloud backup and recovery practice. This year Ferman will exceed his goal of 1000 hosted desktops under management. Next on the horizon is building a virtual hosted desktop and server reseller channel.”

The entry mentions how I have, once again reinvented myself and our company.

In reality, we have been able to see the next trend in computing and management of computer systems.  By no means am I a genius, believe me.  I watch, ask questions and listen and people have been telling me for over 4 years that they don’t want to own their infrastructure anymore.  All people and companies want to do is what they do in thier industries…focus on their core revenue generators and they certainly don’t see managing their computers, networks and data as a core revenue generator.

I have learned from migrating over 60% of my existing clients to the cloud that they are happier and have become more efficient.  Whether working from home or at the office thier IT spend is predictable and a lot less then it was in an infrastructure (local server model).  Peace of mind has improved since we have placed them in a cloud with multiple data centers providing redundancy that they could never afford before and are more comfortable with the fact that they are now working in disaster ready mode all the time

I guess being named top 250 is cool.  The really cool part is that I get to help my clients through the use of technology.  Helping them be more productive, secure, efficient and cost effective.  All while providing a disaster ready environment that most couldn’t afford nor would ever take the time, energy or money to setup.



About steveferman

I am the creator and owner of eTegrity systems International, a cloud based Backup and Recovery provider for Msp's and Vars. I am also the President of Compunite Computers, inc. a 22 year old MSP and named top 100 MSp's 3 years running. I am known as the busiest man in backup and also do a lot of speaking for industry publications like IT world and Msp Alliance. I hope I can share some good insights and knowledge from my over 30 years in the industry.
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