Unsung Heroes.

Many of you know me well but for those of you that don’t, I am not one for bragging or at least not that much.

In June 2012 we were named the Unsung Backup Heroes for 2012 by Asigra.  This is a brand spankin’ new award given to companies that show leadership and direction in the world of cloud backup and data recovery.  We enjoy helping people to understand what we have known for years “its not about the backup but the recovery that matters”.  I say this all the time cause in a disaster what truly matters the most when it comes to your success and survival in the business world is your ability to respond to adversity.

In other news, I have been learning more about growing “10X” at my business entrepreneur workshops run by Dan Sullivan at the Strategic Coach.  I must say that “10x” is a great concept and really not that hard to do if you focus your energy.  All you need to do to grow 10X is do what you do best and nothing else, but at the same time you need to get your team to also do what they each do best.  Thus creating a machine where everyone loves what they do, doing it 1000% and everyone working toward the same goal.  This has created awesome momentum and success for me.  I can not thank my Coach Dan Sullivan and the Strategic Coach enough for helping me, your typical ADHD Entrepreneur, achieve my wildest dreams and goals.



About steveferman

I am the creator and owner of eTegrity systems International, a cloud based Backup and Recovery provider for Msp's and Vars. I am also the President of Compunite Computers, inc. a 22 year old MSP and named top 100 MSp's 3 years running. I am known as the busiest man in backup and also do a lot of speaking for industry publications like IT world and Msp Alliance. I hope I can share some good insights and knowledge from my over 30 years in the industry.
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